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We help brands gain unfair advantage by uncovering trends at scale and highlighting hidden opportunities

Future-proof your e-commerce business by getting real-time data for your decision-making

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Why leading brands choose EcomStak as their intelligence platform

We help you track and benchmark against your competitors on Amazon.
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    Discover sales and market share trends

    Monitor sales trends across every brand and category across ten Amazon marketplaces

  • 2

    Evaluate your competitors

    Track you competitor's top-selling products, pricing and promotional strategies

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    Personalized High Value Actions

    Data-driven recommendations to beat competition and grow sales on Amazon

Explore Share of Voice data and trends

Access insights from over 2 million monthly ecommerce searches, clicks and conversion data across ten Amazon marketplaces.
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Track product visibility vs competitors.

Monitor products listings including titles, bullets, images, videos & keywords to optimize for maximum visibility, clicks and conversion rates.

Access top keywords and volumes for every brand and category

Track monthly search volume trends for every competitor and get insights about shopper behavior, seasonality and special events.
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We’re setting a new standard for how brands leverage data to win on marketplaces like Amazon

How much do you really know about your competition?.
  • Product Explorer

    Explore product level sales and market share data.

  • Categories Explorer

    Find top product categories along with sales volume

  • Keywords Explorer

    Find competitor keywords, clicks and conversion rates.


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